Project Frequency

Agent Rafael Turner is a close-range weapon with a face full of scars. When forced to choose between prison and Authority service, he chose prison and got Authority service. He’s a necessary evil, but all evil is necessary to someone.


Genre Cyberpunk/neon-noir
Audience age Adult
Status Drafting


High-rise buildings and low-life scum. City nights, neon lights, and looking for fights. Every side is the wrong side. If mind control is real, why do I still have to make decisions?

Main character

RAFE doesn’t want to be here and you definitely don’t want him to be. He knows fear intimately, he wrote the code, and you’re going to tell him the truth whether you mean to or not. He refuses to dress for the job he didn’t want in the first place, and dares you to stare at him (go on, just give him an excuse).

He’s a big, nasty bastard (his words, not mine) with a drinking problem, a caffeine addiction, and a weakness for people with the guts to call him on his shit, not that he’d ever admit it. Anything he’s good at feels like a curse, and the only thing he hates more than the world and everything in it is himself.

Guilt may be a stranger, but loss is a weight around his neck. He hit rock bottom too long ago, has lived there ever since, and if someone can hurt him as much as he tells them to, he might remember what he needs.

Header image by Alena Darmel from Pexels (used and edited under license)