November Breaks

No conscience, no problem.

Noah kills for money. Brett hides a life of crime behind a successful career. Officially, they both protect people from people like themselves. Unofficially, everything is falling apart. Until they meet. And it all gets worse.


Genre Transgressive/literary fiction
Audience age Adult
Length Approx 52k words

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Crime, weather symbolism and questionable life choices. Hurt me, I need to feel alive. Violence is a drug. Also, drugs are drugs. This is a love story like crude oil is a tea. #ThatShouldNotBeHot. Nothing’s real anyway.

the main characters

BRETT ARCHER is chaos, wildfire, and the sweetest deception. His freezer is full of vodka and his head is full of everything all the time. He has an impressive collection of scars and the kind of smile that makes things happen. He is a predatory masochist, manipulative, vicious, and eloquent. He frequently dreams about the end of the world and wakes up curious. His moral standing is lying down and buried in a shallow grave.

NOAH THURSTON is death, the tidal wave, and the unbreakable rock. He habitually gives up giving up smoking, and he takes coffee very seriously. He kills for money, but also because he needs to and because he can. He attaches no moral value to ending lives, but he leaves generous tips for the people behind the bar. He is always in control, even when he isn’t, and he’s done with everyone’s shit, including his own. His coat cost more than your car.


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table of contents


01 | Brett
02 | Noah
03 | Brett
04 | Noah
05 | Brett
06 | Noah

07 | Brett
08 | Noah
09 | Brett
10 | Noah
11 | Brett
12 | Noah
13 | Brett
14 | Noah
15 | Brett
16 | Noah

17 | Brett
18 | Noah
19 | Brett
20 | Noah
21 | Brett
22 | Noah
23 | Brett
24 | Noah
25 | Brett
26 | Noah
27 | Brett
28 | Noah
29 | Brett
30 | Noah
31 | Brett
32 | Noah