A collection of short science fiction, experimental, urban fantasy, and horror stories exploring themes of loss, transition, and altered states.

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Audience age Adult
Length Approx 6.5k words


An agent training to transport secrets in a hidden partition of their mind struggles to hold their life together when their mission tangles with memories of loss, blurring the line between reality and a surreal inner world.

In a brief portrait of regret, something that might once have been love spirals towards an inevitable end with the pulling up of roots.

Death can’t handle his job anymore, but Time can’t live without him. As they crash along entwined paths, nudging fate off course, each collision forces them to choose between their purpose, their freedom and each other.

As a convicted child-killer awaits execution, his sister is pulled by unbreakable family ties away from her new life and back to the truth she couldn’t outrun.

Through a journey paved with fragments of break-ups and breakdowns, scorched earth and burned bridges, a heartbroken lover finds a way to breathe again.