Bridge From Ashes

Corruption and cruelty pulse through the veins of an opulent metropolis, where every side is the wrong side and progress is fuelled by exploitation.

Too useful for prison and too dangerous for freedom, underworld assassin Rafael Turner is sentenced to service with a secretive military agency. When a mission to infiltrate a criminal operation drags his past to the surface and someone he thought he’d lost forever unexpectedly returns, how much is Rafe willing to risk to settle old scores and have a chance at a future he’d given up hoping for?


Genre Cyberpunk/neon-noir
Audience age Adult


High-rise buildings and low-life scum. Everything hurts, but not enough to feel good. Yes, that’s a gun in my pocket and no, I’m not pleased to see you. If mind control is real, why do I still have to make decisions?

the main character

RAFE TURNER is a close-range weapon with a face full of scars. He’s a necessary evil, but all evil is necessary to someone. He knows fear intimately, he wrote the code, and you’re going to tell him the truth whether you want to or not. Addicted to pain and constantly craving distraction, he has a weakness for people with the guts to call him on his shit, not that he’d ever admit it. Anything he’s good at feels like a curse, and the only thing he hates more than the world and everything in it is himself.

the other guy

GILLEN KANE is a god tier holder of grudges and his trust issues have trust issues. His presence can lower the temperature of a room. Beneath the carefully constructed facade of calm control, he’s extremely fragile and self-protective. Do not disturb; already disturbed. Trauma? What trauma? That’s just who he is. Now shut up and do what you’re told (but please don’t leave).